The Poetic Man by Prince Oluchukwu Kanu

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Oluchukwu Kanu was born in Nigeria. He is a philanthropy, human rights, community builder , peace advocate, and poet.

The journey of the author began in the eighties, in Aba Abia state, Nigeria, Where he was born to the late Prince Mr Geoffrey Maduabuchi Kanu and Ezenwanyi Mrs Charity Kanu.

Subsequent years, particularly instrumental by his mother, led to the author traveling various continents of the earth. An experience which was instrumental in shaping his world view.
An affinity for the arts which is an inherent trait in his family, was nurtured over time. Later to culminate in the work presented today.
It remains the foremost desire of the author to appeal to the heart and mind of the reader through the literary pieces herein.
Thereby ushering in a renaissance of artistic prowess in our society at this auspicious moment in time.

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  • My pen tells a story of typical Igbo culture.

While a picture takes a fraction of a second to appear in digital form, Poetry takes a fraction of a story to appear in our imagination.


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