Nigeria is synonymous with the global publishing industry; big book publishing houses have set the standard for decades.
​The publishing industry has become democratized and truly global. Now, everyone from big publishing houses to independent authors have the opportunity to create great books.

We want to help find the audiences these books were made for; and to celebrate the printed book in the country which makes authors superstars.

Book Society

of Nigeria

Your Library Is Your Portrait...

Transforming Writers Into Authors.

Book Society of Nigeria helps writers become published authors with a presence in the market. By an aspiring author who recognized the need for a simple and effective self-publishing process, providing premier book publishing and marketing services to authors. Book Society of Nigeria is committed to providing the highest level of customer service available in publishing. Each of our authors is assigned a publishing consultant, who spends hours guiding them through each step of the publishing process.  By choosing a combination of tools and services that best suits their goals, authors retain all rights and maintain editorial control. At Book Society of Nigeria, you control your own publishing destiny.

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We are transparent with our pricing to enable potential customers pick which is suitable for their budget.

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Our support is always active and available to help you with any difficulty or questions you might have regarding our services.

Qualified Experts

Cure writer's block with a our writing coach. Whether you're struggling with plot points, can't get started writing, or need a second opinion, we can help.

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"Thanks to Book Society of Nigeria for their highly experienced book editing, proofreading, and publishing platform."
Henry Knight
"Are you in search of a Book Editor for your nonfiction or fiction manuscript, short story, script, poem, screenplay, or article? Book Society of Nigeria is the right Choice."
Mrs. Jane Unachi
"Your work is treated with the highest of ethical standards! Book Society of Nigeria makes writing easy and magical."
Elisha Birma



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