Africa Why by Elvis Muluh

This book is one of the most alluring and easily understood dreams of our time.

The tightly focused text moves quickly without sacrificing impact.

AFRICA WHY is an intimate quest to explore the truth about people and the lost beauty of the environment. Elvis Muluh looks deeper inside his soul and rediscovers his priorities through writing. He tries to paint the reason why Africa is often called the Cradle of Humankind.


Africa is a magical, wondrous, and intriguing land but it is also harsh and unforgiving, why?

This book is a labor of love and a vital link to the richness and diversity of African struggles, AFRICA WHY honors the past, reminding us where we have been, and gives flight to our hopes for what is yet to come.

In a book as splendid in its wealth of information as it is breathtaking in scope, Teneng Muluh brings to light Africa’s history and evolution, the majestic array of its landforms and environments, struggles missed with hope , love diluted with pain, the rich diversity of its people and the way of life for Africa.

A book widely praised for its engaging and readable style, and is unrivalled in scope, both geographically and chronologically.



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