A Practical 30-Day Guide to becoming a successful Pharmaprenuer

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In today‘s complex world of health care delivery, pharmacist and health workers are faced with quality and efficiency challenges arising from a vast range of services, changing patient profiles, high cost of procuring and servicing equipments, health insurance, organizational behavior and managing patient’s expectations. There is therefore a need to develop capacity in leadership and management relevant to close the strategic gap in healthcare delivery value chain.
This book comes from what I have learned through trial and error. I pushed the envelope by investing my time and money to learn as much as possible. I see so many, perhaps unintentional, missed opportunities and money wasted regarding the physical aspects and the lack of utilization of the many tools available to Independent Pharmacies. What it takes to be a successful pharmaceutical entrepreneur is also known as ―pharmapreneur‖.
As our knowledge of the human genome grows, and with the advent of next-generation sequencing technologies, the role of genetic research is evolving to guide therapy and prevent many diseases and mitigate side-effects of current treatments.
A Practical 30 day guide provides health professionals with a foundational knowledge that can be applied in optimizing drug therapy and patient care delivery. This book improves your critical-thinking and test-taking skills.


A practical 30-Day Guide to becoming a successful Pharmapreneur‖ by Mary Oranika is a valuable companion to every pharmacists with interest in entrepreneurship. It is a practical guide on steps to becoming an entrepreneurial pharmacists.
We are used to entrepreneurial books but only few have narrowed it to a particular profession, and that is what pharmapreneur aim to achieve. It has narrowed entrepreneurial skills to the profession of Pharmacy and simplified it in such a manner that every pharmacists could relate to it in every day practice.
The book is divided into three key outlines namely individual traits, people relationships and necessary skills. In addition, it has been simplified into a 30-day practical lessons that will shape the thought process of a pharmapreneur.
The first outline, expected to address the individual traits, is structured in a motivational manner that seeks to give a ―push‖ to individuals that want to take a short in entrepreneurial skills. It started with addressing self believe, having a vision and knowing your mission and having the right attitude to your goal. In second outline, it deals with people relationship. Entrepreneurship is all about people and we must be people friendly to succeed. This section started with having a mentor to identifying and satisfying customers. It also gives a guide on engaging the right people to work with, as well as managing our customers for optimal relationship. It is always said that customers are king and they are always right.


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