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What is a publicist going to do to help sell my book(s)?

In the strict sense of the word, a publicist’s role is to secure media coverage for your book. While the emergence of digital and social media marketing strategies have prompted many publicists to diversify their offering, their first and foremost value add lies in their media network and their ability to “sell your story”. It is worth noting that this “story” is not necessarily your book’s story. It can be your own personal one (“why I wrote this book”, “how I became a best-selling independent author”, etc.). Similarly, there is a wide range of media that your publicist can potentially pitch your story to. Depending on that story and on your genre, those can be national newspapers, niche magazines, online publications, fiction blogs, or even radio or television programs. The impact of a publicity campaign on your book will depend on two major factors: the quality of your publicist, and the quality (or “sell-ability”) of your story. Of course, both are intertwined, since certain publicists will be better at selling certain kinds of stories than others. But where can you find a professional publicist with the right network and expertise to get you the coverage your book deserves? Trust Book Society of Nigeria.

When should I reach out to Reedsy book publicists?

As an author, or publisher, you should see publicity as one of the different channels through which you can market your books. As such, you should think about it and get in touch with publicists as soon as you start planning your marketing strategy, i.e. several months before the release date of the book. Reaching out early on presents several advantages. First, the best publicists are often booked up months in advance, so you need to give them time to put you in their cue. Moreover, the publicist will be able to offer advance review copies to journalists and bloggers, ensuring maximum coverage for your launch (the most important moment in your book’s life). Finally, it will give your publicist more time to research and reach out to relevant media outlets.

Do Book Society of Nigeria publicists also work on books that have already been published?

Yes, but in this case your book needs to have quite a strong story, and good sales. Think about it this way: why would a journalist or blogger be interested in covering or reviewing a book that has been published months ago? If your book has lost its “novelty” element, you need to find an even stronger element to support your pitch. For example, if the book has sold tens of thousands of copies, if it’s received a prize or an award, or if it can be retrospectively tied to a recent news event.

How can I be sure my publicist will get me the coverage I’m looking for?

As with any other marketing channel, there is no guarantee of success in book publicity. Even if your publicist is able to get you coverage in the New York Times, that might lead to a few sales only. Of course, a publicist will never be able to guarantee any sort of coverage, but they should be able to tell you what you can realistically expect. That said, we have selected the very best PR professionals we have found and made sure that they both have the network and the pitching ability to maximize your story’s media potential. In other terms, in their hands, your book will get as much coverage as it can get. As in any other collaboration on Book Society of Nigeria, communication is incredibly important: do not hesitate to let the publicists know about your objectives and expectations. And if you are unsure about your story’s potential, just reach out to a few of them who have worked on similar works, and ask them for a quote. They’ll take a look at your book and assess its media potential, then get back to you.

What kind of press coverage can a publicist get me?

By “press coverage”, we mean coverage in the different forms of traditional media: newspapers, magazines, online newspapers and magazines, radio and television. In other words, “blogs” are listed as a different category on our marketplace: blog tour. Pitching to the traditional media outlets requires both a network (i.e. relationships with people from within those media) and PR experience. Because of this, publicists can often be specialized in certain genres and outlets. Of course, the kind of press coverage you will get will mainly depend on your genre, target market and story. If your book addresses a niche market, your publicist will identify which outlets specialize in that market and pitch the story to them. Inversely, if your book has a wider audience, and a very strong selling point, publicists will try to reach more mainstream media outlets. But where can you find a professional publicist with the right network and expertise to get you the coverage your book deserves?

At the end of the day, hiring a publicist cannot guarantee you coverage of any kind. It can, however, guarantee that the right story around your book will be pitched to the right outlet by the right person. And if you do get media coverage, it can be a huge turning point in your career. This is what you are paying for.

Is press coverage useful for any genre?

It is undeniable that certain genres are more difficult to sell to the media than others, and, in general, non-fiction is better suited for publicity than fiction. This is mainly a question of market competition and differentiation potential. Non-fiction works usually either address a specific question (how-to or reference books) or focus on a precise theme (narrative non-fiction), making it easy for your publicist to identify your market and target it through niche publications. They are also easier to “differentiate”: no two memoirs are the same, whereas many fiction works follow very similar patterns. For better or for worse, the only “differentiation” factor right now in genre fiction is how the book has been published. This is why most fiction publicists only work with traditional publishing companies, and traditionally published authors. Unless your self-published fiction work has been hugely successful, it will never be featured or reviewed in a major media outlet. That said, there are thousands of fiction blogs out there that are open to reviewing and promoting new fiction works –whatever their publishing path was.


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