Business Cycle, Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth Dynamics by Hamilton Isu

This is a determined effort to bring to the surface the key issues that tend to initiate, Provoke and, to some extent, exacerbate fluctuations in economic activity. The incisive discussions on Entrepreneurship also exposed the salient characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. The ability of successful entrepreneurs to provide the enviable platforms, on which expansive and far- reaching innovations can erupt and rapidly spread its wings to all nooks and crannies of the world, was abundantly stressed. The injection of “Economic Growth Dynamics” into the overall scope of this Book is merely to highlight the importance of Business cycles on economic activities, which are best reflected in the growth or diminution of some economic indices.


Written by Hamilton Obiahu Isu
1. Former Special Adviser, Economy, to the President, Nigeria

2. Adjunct Professor, UNN

3. Former Dean of Faculty Business Administration, Abia State University, UTURU -Nigeria

4. Former Bank and Finance Analyst, Federal Reserve Bank of New York.


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Edited and published by Book Society of Nigeria. Printed by Magnet Africa Limited.


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