A Date with the Oracle by Peter Chukwu Ibeneme

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A date with the Oracle will reveal the mystery behind everything…the past, the present, current events, even what is yet to come! Open your heart to absolutely real, amazing, stunning, and life-changing tale, and prepare to be blown away!

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Peter Chukwu Ibeneme is a budding writer with an African focus and a global vision. He draws his inspiration from nature, culture, politics and social life. In this his first published work, he relates with the daily struggles, hopes and aspirations of life in Africa in such a unique way that the stories he told and the poems rendered must have been from the Oracle.

This book will transform the minds of the young and old towards appreciating and developing Africa’s unique blend of solutions to her problems, and placing the African culture where it belongs in modern history.

African stories must be told by Africans and this modern story must include a clean up by young African men and women.



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